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Practice Teamwork & Communication at Fuzzy Logic!

Escape rooms can be a great sandbox for corporate team building and practicing collaboration outside of the workplace. Fuzzy Logic can provide a holistic teaming activity where people can have fun while developing important skills!

Read below to learn more about our corporate team building offerings, from private parties to training seminars.

Build bonds across titles & generations

Escape rooms are themed games in a room where teams work together to explore their environment and use tools, items, and info to solve puzzles and complete their mission within the time limit. During the game players must work with each other, using skills in communication, critical thinking, and time management to accomplish their goal – just like in the workplace! But in our games, titles are set aside, and everyone has a chance to showcase and recognize each other’s unique strengths, skills, and talents throughout the adventure!

Try our seminar about working styles

Do you have a heavily analytical team member? Or how about an enthusiastic, creative type? And most importantly, can you get them all to work well together? Fuzzy Logic has a special training, Attributes Assessment, a 30-minute corporate team building seminar that discusses major communication, leadership and working styles. Through this, we dive into how leveraging diversity of thought can promote high performance in teams! Afterwards, everyone leaves the seminar with a handout about their own dominant style and insights in all the styles’ strengths and potential blindspots to help them be more effective in the workplace.

Bring Fuzzy Logic to your special event

Looking to insert a fun activity into larger corporate event? We have a variety of portable game options that are flexible to match your event, wherever you are! Whether you are looking for a full, immersive game or something lighter in nature, we can bring an engaging activity that’ll be a perfect addition to your agenda! Perfect for:

  • New hire orientations!
  • Intern trainings!
  • Staff development days!
  • Management leadership development seminars!
  • General corporate team building!
  • … And more!

Contact us via email at FuzzyLogicEscapeRoom@gmail.com for details on our offerings and pricing!

For more information on how Fuzzy Logic can be a great addition to your next corporate event, download this PDF and share with your teams, managers, and executives! For information on other special occasions, including birthday parties and family reunions, check out our Special Parties page! Additionally, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have via email at FuzzyLogicEscapeRoom@gmail.com or via phone at 331-251-1195!

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