Convention Store

Welcome to Fuzzy Logic Escape Room’s online convention store! Here you can purchase vouchers for our self-service online escape room, Blue LED Badges, and promotional poker chips! For questions, please reach out to us at

Self-service, On-demand Online Escape Room Game

On-Demand Escape Game

Play one of Fuzzy Logic’s Escape Rooms as a collaborative online game! Not just a regular point-and-click: You can see where your teammates’ cursors are! Games expire after 5 days – no need to complete in one sitting. Clues accessed on demand or through an email sent to us for a custom tailored clue (potential delay may occur). Special $5 per person con price! Gather together over Zoom, Meet, or Discord to chat with each other in real time while you play through your game together!

Blue LED Badge

Blue LED Badge (Fire Sale!)

FIRE SALE! Grab a blue LED name badge from Fuzzy Logic Escape Room at a discounted price and support small business. These badges come with an improved instruction manual, an adhesive magnet that can be installed (though we recommend built-in the safety pin!), and a data USB cable that is used both for charging as well as to customize the message on your namebadge!

Poker Chip

Promotional Poker Chip

Grab Fuzzy Logic’s promotional poker chip from this year! This composite clay poker chip has a good weight, feel, and sound for it. The fourth in a series of promotional poker chips, the colors have changed each convention year we have operated!