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Choose fun for your next special occasion!

Enjoy a celebration with your family or friends at Fuzzy Logic, where you can play in one (or many!) of our games, and then enjoy some more time in our Party Room where you can bring food, cake, and decorations as part of our party package! Read below to learn more about what we can do to make your special day even more memorable!

All players, young and old, can enjoy

We are a family-friendly provider of escape rooms, designing our games with people of all ages, experience levels, and abilities! At Fuzzy Logic, we don’t build our games with any jump scares, darkness, or zombies in the room, and you’re never locked in trying to escape for your lives. Instead, the focus is more around using teamwork and puzzle solving to complete your quest, like the hero in a movie or video game – but rather than following a character on screen, it’s YOU that is saving the day in real life!

Extend the fun in our Party Room

We have a party room available as an add on to any reservation at Fuzzy Logic! We have hosted parties for birthdays, scout troops, sports teams, family reunions, bachelor/ette parties, and company team outings or holiday parties, just to name a few! We do not serve food ourselves, but we have a list of preferred vendors that we can share who can cater for your event in our party room! And you are welcome to bring in any outside food or drink, so you can enjoy cake as part of your party, and we’ll do all the cleaning afterwards!

Bring Fuzzy Logic to your special event

If you have an upcoming event in the works, consider including Fuzzy Logic as a special addition to bring in an extra fun element! We have a variety of portable games that are flexible to match your party, wherever you are! Whether you are looking for a full, immersive game or something lighter in nature, we can craft the perfect activity to add to your event at your home, school, or workplace! Contact us for details on our offerings and pricing! .

For more information on how Fuzzy Logic can help make your next birthday, school event, or special party a fun experience to remember, download this PDF and share with your spouse, parents, children, and friends! Additionally, we’re happy to answer questions you have via email at FuzzyLogicEscapeRoom@gmail.com or via phone at 331-251-1195!

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