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With our Online Escape Room Adventures, your team can play from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are, since you are not playing at our store in Illinois! That means that whether your friends or family live in separate households, different cities, or even distant countries, groups of people worldwide can enjoy playing our games! You take control of the action by guiding your in-room avatar, telling them where to search and what to do to solve puzzles! Visit to install Zoom or let us know if you prefer using another video conferencing platform!

 For the most optimized experience, please use a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse, since the technology may be limited on smartphones, tablets, or other touchscreen devices.

New to escape games? Have younger players joining? Escape Rooms are naturally challenging adventures, even for groups of adults, but contact us before your game if you’d like to request an Easy Mode with any of our escape rooms!

Looking to play in-person? Visit our In-Person Escape Rooms webpage!

Live Avatar Games
$99.99 USD for up to 5 connections
(+$10 per extra connection, up to $199.99)

NEW! Self-Service Games

Looking for a less expensive option and don’t need a live avatar?
Wanting to play a game at your own pace or outside our operating hours?

Purchase a self-service digital escape room game from our Square Store!
For $29.99, you and your team can play one of our escape room games through Telescape, an industry-grown digital escape room technology!

Purchase your Self-Service,
Non-Avatar Digital Escape Game

for $29.99 USD

We have many games available that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home!


The Superhero Task Force has recruited you to respond to an urgent distress signal for the city of Megatropolis. Activate the shields – it’s up to you to save the day! 
Superheroes calls on teams to band together to track the information trail and safely complete tasks. Understanding and following instructions will be critical!

Villains Lair

MWAHAHAHA! Only a few pieces left to completing your Destruct-O-Ray targeting Megatropolis. Act fast as the chemical compounds will rapidly decay!
Villains Lair allows players to stroke their evil sides in a playful adrenaline-filled adventure. Work together and follow directions to FIRE ZE LAZER!


Are you crafty enough to join the Super Kids Squad? Search high and low to find the hidden toys and solve the puzzles before everyone goes home!
Playground presents a fun theme packed with challenges that rely on keen observation. Don’t be fooled – these puzzles aren’t child’s play!

Veterinarian Office

Animals have gone missing, and all signs point to an estranged veterinarian! Complete your rescue mission before authorities claim you are accomplices!
Vet Office is filled with puzzles that focus on finding relationships between the clues scattered around the facility. Work together to find all the info!

Sherlock has been framed and Dr. Watson is counting on you to be able to piece together the evidence they’ve collected to clear the great detective’s name!
Saving Sherlock is one of our previous portable games, meaning there’s less focus on searching and more focus on the puzzles laid out for you!

DJ BEaST is doing one final concert, and your team have a chance at a VIP backstage tour if you can prove you’re megafans before doors open! 
Concert Quest is another of our previous portable games taken on the road, soon to be available as an online-only exclusive!

More games will be announced as they become available! Watch this space - even more adventures await!​