Fuzzy Logic & Safety due to COVID-19

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room takes the safety and wellness of our customers and staff very seriously. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their escape room adventure without the added stressors of the outside world. As we re-open to the public, we want you to know the steps we’re taking to promote a clean and sanitary environment:

  • Increased Cleaning & Sanitizing – doorknobs, locks and props are are sprayed or wiped with disinfectant between each group. Our lobby, back area, and bathrooms will also be cleaned between games.
  • Face Masks Required – both staff and customers will be required to wear face masks prior to entering our store. There will be no exceptions. Disposable masks can be purchased if you do not have one.
  • Hand Sanitizer Available – sanitizer dispensers will be available in our lobby and in each escape room. However, players are encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and warm water according to CDC guidelines before and after their game.
  • Private Games – all reservations are private bookings, meaning you will only play with people that are part of your group – you will never be paired with strangers.
  • Reservations Only – all games must be reserved in advance, so that we have ample time to perform any sanitation procedures for your experience prior to your arrival. Our book a room page updates as games become unavailable due to conflicts with other customer games.
  • Adjusted Game Schedule – We have spaced out our games’ start times not only to allow for more cleaning time but also so that only one group will ever be in our lobby at a time. Groups will only be allowed to enter after everyone has arrived and alerted us.
  • Online Contactless Waivers – Though we have allowed online waiver signature for a while now, it’s even more important now to complete these from the comfort and safety of your own devices. QR codes and URLs will be available in our windows for signing in prior to entry.
  • One-Way Entrance/Exit – We will welcome in guests in our front entrance, and after their game will exit through the back entrance nearby where our bathrooms are to prevent groups from crossing paths.
  • Employee Health Checks – all employees will be screened for fever and other symptoms before being allowed to come into work. Employees will be required to follow guidelines related to masks, hand washing, cleaning, and social distancing.

Players - Please Practice Safety!

Please note that while we take special care and effort to promote a safe environment for our guests and our staff, an inherent risk of being exposed to COVID-19 or other health concerns exists in any place where people may gather. By visiting Fuzzy Logic Escape Room, you voluntarily accept the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other risks that may be present. It is our suggestion that no one attends an event where they may feel uncomfortable, and we strongly ask that if you or anyone in your group is feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms to not participate in our activity. If this affects your reservation, please contact us to discuss details and options.

Here are guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention.html) for preventative measures that you and all of us can take to help control the spread of COVID-19 and many other illnesses. Namely, we encourage all customers to wash their hands and to stay at home if you feel ill.

Enjoy Online Adventures from your home

Team members not feeling comfortable about coming into our facility? Got players scattered across different households and want to abide by heightened guidelines for social distancing? Is your group relocated or scattered across the country or globe and looking for a way to reconnect with each other?

Try an Online Adventure with Fuzzy Logic!

For a flat fee of $99.99, you can have an unlimited number of connections join via video conference to experience one of our physical escape rooms online from the comfort and safety of your home, no matter where you are in the world!

Together, we can escape COVID-19!

We are committed to the safety of our customers and our employees above all else. We want everyone who enters Fuzzy Logic’s doors to feel they’re in a safe environment and ready to enjoy time with each other in enjoying our games. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To all our escapers – we wish you the best during this quest to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. We look forward to hosting you and your group on your next escape room adventure!