Book A Room

You’re just about ready to book your next adventure! Use the tools below to choose your date, time, and game you want to play, how many players are coming, and if you want a private game! You can also enter any gift card vouchers or other promotions for your reservation. If you have a large group or need help to book a room, please email us at FuzzyLogicEscapeRoom@gmail.comHere are a few quick links that may be useful as well:

  • Players who are children: Please keep in mind that a group with any player under the age of 16 must have an adult at least 18 years of age in the escape room with them (if the adult is only being a chaperone, they will not need to be included in the player count). Also, an adult must sign a waiver for all players under the age of 18. Your confirmation email will contain a link to our digital waiver after completing your reservation.
  • COVID-19: We understand that given current events regarding COVID-19, there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear in the community. We hear you – and we feel it too. As a small business, we rely on patronage from community members like you to survive and give our employees the means to be able to take care of themselves and their families. We’re also taking measures above and beyond our normal procedures to promote the health and safety of everyone in our doors. We have these practices listed on our Home Page.
  • Private games: Due to current events, all games will be PRIVATE GAMES without any additional fees, so you’ll only play with people you know for $28 per person. If you have a voucher obtained through a raffle or other means, this might mean that you’ll encounter issues attempting to redeem. Give us a call if that happens! This will remain in effect for all bookings through May 1, and may change based on evolving current events. Our flat fee for large groups of 8-10 people in a private room for $200 still remains.
  • Large Groups: Our recommended maximum group size is 10 for any of our games, so if you have a larger group, please consider dividing into two smaller groups. Schedules permitting, we’ll be happy to adjust the start times for the games so that all of them will start at the same time! Please email us at!
  • Gift Cards: If you have a gift card, make sure you click the Enter Code or Promotion button above your game selection before checking out. However, if you have a 16-digit gift card code, it probably came from our old gift card system. That’s ok – they’re still valid! But to redeem those, please email or call us with the code and the details of your escape room reservation so we can book a room for you! Looking to buy a card first or receive a card to give as a gift? Visit our Gift Cards page!
  • Other Offerings: We have other offerings that you may be interested in! Our party package upgrade can extend the fun with our party room available for rental which is perfect for special occasions! We have an add-on seminar on communication styles called Attributes Assessment, which is perfect for corporate groups and team building! To reserve any of our other offerings, please feel free to email us at!
  • Private Games: If you want to guarantee a private escape room game, please click the Private Game checkbox. The price automatically updates based on the number of players. If you have 9 or 10 people playing, or if you’re unsure of the number of players, set number of participants to 1, and you’ll be charged a flat fee of $200 instead of $28 per person! Your party must be the same size as what you state in your reservation, or you must let us know of changes at least 48 hours before your game. If any additional party members show up, they will be charged the full $28 to join you. If fewer party members show up, there will not be any refunds.