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Weekday Reservations: Our normal operating hours for standard reservations are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We are happy to service games Monday through Thursday by appointment only. Additional fees for staffing may apply. Please contact us at so we can work out the details for a special event for you! 

Due to IDPH COVID-19 Resurgence Mitigations, effective November 20, 2020, we are not accepting reservations any for in-person games until additional health and safety guidance is released. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The current time at Fuzzy Logic is:

  • Players who are children: Please keep in mind that a group with any player under the age of 16 must have a paying adult at least 18 years of age in the escape room with them. Also, an adult must sign a waiver for all players under the age of 18. Your confirmation email will contain a link to our digital waiver after completing your reservation. 
  • COVID-19: We understand that given current events regarding COVID-19, there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear in the community. We hear you – and we feel it too. As a small business, we rely on patronage from community members like you to survive and give our employees the means to be able to take care of themselves and their families. We’re also taking measures above and beyond our normal procedures to promote the health and safety of everyone in our doors. Please read about our COVID-19 practices that we are taking and that we ask players to take.
  • Private games: Due to current events, all games will be PRIVATE GAMES without any additional fees, so you’ll only play with people you know. If you have a voucher obtained through a raffle or other means, this might mean that you’ll encounter issues attempting to redeem if they were not coded in our system as being applicable for private games. Please contact us if that happens!
  • Large Groups: Our recommended maximum group size is 8 for any of our games, so if you have a larger group, please consider dividing into two smaller groups. Schedules permitting, we’ll be happy to adjust the start times for the games so that all of them will start at the same time! Please email us at
  • What do I need to play?
    • You will need a strong enough internet connection to join your video conference meeting. Our default is Zoom, but we are happy to use another platform if you prefer. After completing your reservation, your confirmation email will include a link to your Zoom meeting as well as a request to choose your game! If you require a different video conferencing platform other than Zoom, please complete a reservation and inform us via email with what you’d like to use!
    • When your game begins, we will share your Online Inventory Management System that you may want to have open in a separate browser window.
    • If able, we recommend using headphones to increase chances for sound quality and decrease chances for audio feedback, especially if there’s multiple devices in the same room.
    • Consider using a laptop or desktop computer to play your game to be able to see what the game master sees on a large surface as well as best utilize our inventory system. But you can play on a tablet or smartphone if you like!
    • We suggest you come in about 10-15 minutes early to do a sound check and technology test to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the experience as much as possible!
    • And it can help to have a pen and paper handy to take notes!
  • What game am I playing? There are multiple adventures to choose from:
    • Superheroes
    • Villains
    • Playground
    • Veterinarian Office
    • Concert Quest

If you’ve played with us before, it’s worthwhile to note that these games are the same as or slightly modified from their original forms. So if anyone in your group may have played a theme already, you may want to choose a different game! After receiving your email confirmation, let us know which game you want!

Gift Voucher Use: Please note that any coupon codes or gift vouchers that are specifically for at-store experiences may not be applicable for our online offering, and vice versa, due to differences in pricing structure. Due to price changes as a result of COVID-19, it is likely that older vouchers will now only cover a portion of ticket costs. Feel free to email us at to arrange for a proper application of the code or voucher.